This term we continue to Crack Success at Sunbird by focusing our energy on being grateful. The power of gratitude has been embedded throughout our daily routine as both teachers and children work at adopting an attitude of gratitude!


During our morning check-in we take time to recognise our blessings, re-frame our negative emotions and express our thankfulness to those around us. It turns out that down at Sunbird we have rather a lot to be grateful for!

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn within a loving, safe and stimulating environment…


We are grateful for the opportunity to exercise our bodies and develop our coordination, strength and agility…


We are grateful for the opportunity to express ourselves creatively through art, dance and music…

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We are grateful for time to play freely within our beautiful campus…


And we are grateful for our friends and the sense of community and camaraderie that exists at SBPP!


As teachers, we feel incredibly grateful to spend every day with your precious boys and girls!


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