Jubilation abounded as the Grade 7 students finally concluded their journey as the parent of a 2,5kg Flour Baby today.



Many expressed their gratitude towards parents and loved ones who cared for, nurtured and agonised over them over the past 12 to 13 years of their lives. They also expressed gratitude for being young and carefree with a whole world of possibilities ahead of them, and as witness to the effectiveness of this project, shared that they hope to keep it that way for as long as possible.


This project did not come without some really hard realities. An understanding that there are others who have been less fortunate was also instilled. The Grade 7 students listened with empathy to a presentation by Eve Halloway, a Community Worker from the Sweetpeas Organisation, who works with new mothers – often young unwed mothers, within our community. Many of these young girls lack support, both financially and emotionally, and their plight has brought our students to take action.


Grade 7 learners, under the leadership of our prefects, will be coordinating the donation of our Baby Project items and further items, to the Sweetpeas Organisation. Other individual fundraising efforts are also underway and we as Grade 7 teachers are indeed proud to see the gratitude and empathy displayed by our young learners.


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