Over the past few weeks the Grade 6s, along with the Grade 4s and Grade 5s, have been working very hard on atopic that they absolutely love. The learners were set the task of designing and presenting a Keynote on ” I am Passionate about…”


There was great excitement at the thought that they can choose “any” topic they liked.


Immediately they were googling pictures and bouncing ideas off one another and the spirit in the class was buzzing. There was a huge array of topics; anything you could think of: reading, scrapbooking, baking, soccer even things like saving the environment and growing my own veggie garden.


The first round happened in the class after which the semi-finalists were chosen. The level of confidence and passion portrayed by this very passionate group was such a pleasure to watch. The skill shown using their iPad and the flawless way in which they used Keynote to share their passion was very inspiring.


Ben Anderson who is very passionate about politics, shared some interesting thoughts on how South Africa should be lead not run, won the final and received an iPad Pro.


Our runner up, Jesse Rowan-Goldberg, who had us all thinking with his Brain Teasers and interesting facts about the Rubrics Cube won a Nano-Drone.

The Grade Sixes really loved participating in this competition and enjoyed sharing their passion with their teachers and peers.

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