This week our Grade Ones went to Kirstenbosch Gardens for their Third Term field trip. Despite the weather being overcast, it did not dampen their spirits and the children came to school very enthusiastic about the day ahead.

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Once we arrived at Kirstenbosch, the children had a chance to have their fruit snack and “settle in” for the day. Once filled up, we went into the conservatory where the children got a chance to learn about the various types of plants found at Kirstenbosch Gardens. Many children recognized the plants as they are indigenous to South Africa and they could find them in their very own back garden!¬†They learned about the different uses of a plant i.e. for medicine, for consumption, etc. They were then treated to a puppet show about Monty the Mongoose and how he got lost in the gardens!

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After a quick bite of lunch the children headed off for a walk around Kirstenbosch with our wonderful Cape for Kids guides, Ann and Sonja. They got a chance to see many plants up close and got to discover which of the plants are the more fragrant ones. The Grade Ones also learned why some trees have a “Centenarian” badge on them – it means those trees are over one hundred years old!

The recent rain allowed the gardens to be fresh and colourful and the outing was enjoyed by all!


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