“…And Action!”

The words “the more I practice, the better I get” are ringing louder than ever amongst the Grade 3’s.


They have been excited to get into character, practicing their dance moves and lines over and over again. It has been quite special seeing them practice in their own time, working together as a team to get the steps correct.


The Grade 3’s were enthralled when the time came for them to try on their costumes and practice on stage. This really helped them to climb into their character’s shoes. 




The Grade 3’s have been working on stage daily to perfect their spacing, blocking, lines and dances.


When being on stage, the Grade 3’s have also had to learn that they need to be heard and seen by granny and grandpa sitting right at the back of the hall. They are learning to focus on bigger movements and louder voices, making sure they project their voices, pronounce their words and exaggerate their roles. 


This has definitely given them insight into the acting world, “…and scene.” 

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