Nelson Mandela

Creative Expression started off with the big bang this term as we took a look back at Nelson Mandela for Mandela month.


The Grade 3-7s had a class discussion on who Nelson Mandela was, and what he has done for our country. We also discussed what Mandela month is all about and what it means to give 67minutes.


The grade 3 students created colourful posters in honour of Nelson Mandela, while the Grade 4s and 7s started a sketch of Nelson Mandela.


The Grade 5s and 6s started work on the Brushes Redux App (iPad art). They were told to create a keynote on Nelson Mandela and give 6 points about his past. Once they completed that, they had to find a picture, which they will use in Brushes Redux. Brushes Redux uses various brush types, layers, colours, the ability to undo and more – what a cool, risk free way of learning to love and appreciate art.

Nelson Mandela once said…. “ It always seems impossible until it’s done”.



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