Robotics has been a main focus, amidst the hustle and bustle of term 3, for our Grade 6s and 7s.  Our tech boffins have revelled at the opportunity to work with their S2 robots in the IT centre this term, combining creativity and problem solving skills to further their knowledge and abilities in Robotics.

Robotics, which has been eagerly received by our grade 6s, has been a highlight of IT for the term. We have explored the S2 Robots ability to include Light and Sound sequences within our robotics programs.  The Grade 7s took this skill to the next level this year, as they used light and sound sequences to act as an indicator light and horn, respectively, as we treated our S2 robot as a car, traveling through a “Highway Maze” activity – this was an absolute HOOT!



The Grade 6s, have also, been focusing on the ability of inserting a sub-routine of commands, when sequencing their robots. They have learnt how this makes it easier for them to keep track of their command sequences,  especially as we look forward to traversing more complex routines, later in the year and in Grade 7.


IMG_0467  IMG_0430


We are looking forward to many more Robotic revelations in the coming weeks. Who knows, we may have our very own Rodney Brooks graduating from Sun Valley Group of Schools soon!

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