This term we dove into a new and exciting section of Mathematics: Algebra. New, in the sense that for the first time ever at Sun Valley Primary School, the Grade 7 students were given the task to create an iMovie explaining what Algebra is. For the first time they were tasked to digitally verbalise and create their own unique understanding in Mathematics. This meant they had to research and develop a basic educator’s understanding of the topic and be able to explain to their class and the future Grade 7 students, everything about the infamous topic of Algebra.


Before we came to the conclusion that this was the correct approach to go forward with our teaching, we focused on the main challenge for Grade 7 students when they go to high school. The outcome was that Algebra was the leading area with which students seem to consistently struggled to grasp. That meant that they entered the environment without a basic knowledge of what to do. This then affected other subjects at High School, which ultimately lead to a feeling of anxiety and unpreparedness. Thus we dived further into this pool to find more information on why Algebra is so important. If it really meant that much to the average student and what applications did it have in the real world? What we discovered was staggering.


Algebra not only builds on cognitive thinking and abstract thinking processes in the learner, but also is the fundamental foundation for almost every field of tertiary education. That means that without a basic understanding (which leads to greater understanding), you literally have no choice in any of the major fields of study at university. Technology, finance, construction, geology, computer coding, space travel and science are but a few of the areas that rely so heavily on the understanding and the application of Algebra. These fields open up doors to multiple job opportunities that are in the process of changing the world we know around us. To summarise the above, you decide your future by deciding how well you want to do in Algebra.


This is when we decided that the best way to gain an understanding of Algebra and how it can impact us and those for the future, was to create an educational video that will help our own understanding and educate others in the process. This was a moment, for not only self-educating but a moment to create lasting memories that will ingrain the rules of Algebra into the students for a lifetime. Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” and this quote guided us throughout the creative procedures.


This educational video will serve as a legacy, left behind by the Grade 7’s of 2018 to the future Sun Valley students. Their ultimate goal, to create something so unique and exciting about Algebra that they unlock barriers in the minds of the future. To give someone else the opportunity they never knew they had by embracing the world of Algebra.

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