Last week the Grade 4 teachers decided that it would be a good idea to introduce the concept of Expert Teaching to the grade. This concept involves the Subject Head in that grade teaching their subject to all 4 classes on a particular day. This responsibility landed on Mr Best the Afrikaans Subject Head for grade 4.


The usually daunting task of translating a new piece of work was tackled by Mr Best across the classes. He thoroughly enjoyed getting to connect with all the students. We are glad to report that he was very happy with the Grade 4s progress so far.


The students had a great time and in particular enjoyed the humour that Mr Best brought to the lesson. Abi Weatherall in 4 De Lange said, “I loved Mr Best teaching me because he’s funny and he taught me something new.”


Angelina Hughes in 4 Bright said, “I enjoyed Mr Best teaching us because I found it very interesting because it was different. The boys also didn’t talk as much as normal. I really enjoyed myself.”


Cullen Maguire from 4 Smith said, “Mr Best was awesome! I really like how he took time to describe everything so carefully. Mr Best let everyone have a chance to speak and it made our Afrikaans lesson fun!”


The Grade 4’s really enjoyed the Expert Teaching lesson and are looking forward to it happening lots more in the future.

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