We have explored the concept of  having an ‘attitude of gratitude’. We often get caught up on what’s going wrong, instead of focusing on what is going well. Remaining grateful and remembering the good when things feel tough, make life a little easier and definitely more fun. As teachers we try our best to display our gratitude towards our children and colleagues.
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Today we had the privilege of celebrating our Administrative Staff. We are so grateful for everything that they do to make our lives easier, smoother and in turn, more enjoyable.
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The Grade 2s honoured ‘Aunty Michele’ by writing special letters and dropping off little treats throughout the day. The boys and girls were so excited to write notes to say how grateful they are for everything Michele does for everyone in this school.
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We would also like to say a big THANK YOU to those moms and dads who are busy helping us prepare for our show! We are SO grateful!
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