Every year the WCED runs a visual art competition, where all Government schools and students can enter. This year, 20 of our students entered the competition and 4 of then made it to the Semi Finals that were held at Spine Road High School on the 23rd of August 2018.

All 4 students won their division and took home first place in our district. They will be attending the Finals on the 15 September 2018, where they will be up against the other 7 districts in the Western Cape.

I am extremely proud of every single student that took part in this competition, the level of work that you produced is breathtaking. I also personally want to say thank you to Mr Bernie Fortune for your help and guidance, not just towards me, but also to the students.

Indianna Marias (Grade 3 Metro South District Winner) 27D68A03-87DA-4739-B0B4-ACA699E85A83

Leah Pickering (Grade 4 Metro South Winner)


Zjonte Westphal (Grade 6 Metro South Winner)


Anele Mase (Grade 6 Metro South Winner)



Runners up in Grade 3: Phera Bender, Zachariah Booley, Clara Forrest and Nina Terblanche.

Runners up in Grade 4: Louise du Plessis, Summer-Lee Wain and Bailey Senekal.

Runners up in Grade 5: Zjonne Westphal, Jenna Cumming and Zachary Mitchell.

Runners up in Grade 6: Connor Howe-Watson, Iris Elliott and Samuel van Heerden.

Runners up in Grade 7: Emma Theron, Candice Booth, Ethan Diener and Daneeka Maistry.


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