Why do we CARE?


We CARE to improve the classroom environment, this helps us to maintain a mostly emotionally stable atmosphere . To CARE is to include all our friends, to value and respect each and every one in and outside the classroom. We learn to play better, to accept people and feel loved and safe in the class we call “HOME”.

Through CARE we are able to resolve classroom issues and foster a feeling of safety, as that is when optimal learning can take place.

How do we CARE in Grade 3?




We CARE by having weekly CARE Circles, where we discuss anything that is bothering us, or to share some really positive emotions that we may be experiencing. Our time to CARE allows us to grow and become empathetic to others, lend a helping hand (with out being asked), learn the art of sharing and helping others who may need the extra bit of TLC; even if it is  just a friendly smile or a  funky high-five.


What does CARE bring forth?

CARE is at the heart of an important word called Gratitude. There are so many ways that one can show gratitude to others. And yes, sometimes we do take gratitude for granted, but if we look at all the wonderful and easy ways to show it, wouldn’t is be easier to just give a little bit a gratitude on a daily basis?




We use our Thank You cards to show gratitude to our peers when they have helped us out, or made us feel better when we are having a bad day. This gets stuck up on the class wall as a reminder to show some Acts of Random Kindness.

Another way we show Gratitude to others is through Popcorn Praise. Here the students are in groups and each have the opportunity to point out something positive about another student.


So at the end of the day, a little smile or a  random act of kindness can go a long way to changing someones life for the positive.


It starts here, and it starts with you…

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