The Grade 5’s have been diving deep into the research and knowledge about our infamous trouble-making primate: the Chacma Baboon that roams across the vast majority of the Cape Peninsula.
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This research task has allowed for our children to expand their digital learning experience by using their iPads in assisting them with research and the gathering of relevant data, such as the:

Appearance of the baboon
The Habitat
The Behaviour and Breeding
Their Food and Feeding
Also Interesting Facts

This task was thoroughly enjoyed as the topic is relevant – many of them have had numerous interactions with baboon troops before. The kids were excited to learn such amazing facts about an animal that is so close to home.


Their information gathered through different sources including their iBooks, internet and books was used to create a project filled with the knowledge that they had gathered. The information was then summarised and presented in flip file form.

The project was then presented to the class as an oral and prepared reading piece. The learners enjoyed listening to other classmates interesting facts about such a fascinating primate.


In conclusion to this Research Project, which was done using recently learnt features in Keynote, the grade has come to understand the importance of conserving and living with these wild animals, they so thoroughly enjoyed learning about the baboon that they have further created a brochure as well as a poster on how to protect our wonderful creatures.




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