Sticking to our theme this year of saving the planet and caring for our seas, the grade fours decided to participate in a volunteer project to help the community by making eco-bricks.

Eco-bricks are becoming a world-wide project where people use their non-biological waste to stuff the bottles solid. The bottles are then used to build full-scale buildings such as schools, offices and homes, furniture as well as garden spaces.

How do you make an Eco-brick? Well first, start with getting an empty, clean bottle. These bottles may vary in size from 1 litre to 2 litres. Collect all your plastic in the house and fold it up, this is to make sure it will fit in the opening at the top of the bottle.

Be sure to use a shopping bag at the bottom of the bottle as this will create a nice colour that will stick out of the building/furniture. Using a stick or wooden spoon push the plastic down in the bottle, to make space for more waste. Once the bottle is hard enough to with stand your weight, it is then ready to be donated.

You can drop off your Eco-brick at Longreach Mall, Faithful-to-Nature (Muizenberg) and Salt (Kalk Bay).

The grade 4 learners had a lot of fun and brought in over 100 bottles! A lot of them have stated that they are continuing to make bottles at home. Awesome work Grade 4s!


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