The Foundation Phase, has been hard at work rounding off their skills in IT Interchange in the back end of a busy, but exciting, third term.

Amidst the business of  the third term routine, the Grade 1s have been absolutely thriving in IT – with a major focus being placed on their “typing” and “internet research skills”, thinking ahead to Grade 2. They have been remarkable. Typing in sequences and mastering the two-hand type technique as we pull away from the single punch method of typing has been such fun!

BLOG 19 1Gr 1 typing

The Grade 2s have had an equally busy term, yet have still managed to excel in IT. Researching content and translating that into their own documents has been a big push for our Grade 2s this term. We have managed to make use of our ability to create and use templates, to design our very own “recycling at home” posters. What fun!

Gr 2 Typing


Term 3 has been a monumental success for the Grade 3s. We have managed to really challenge ourselves and our knowledge of the internet. The Grade 3s put their skills to the test to create a “solar system” information poster, that could be put up in a classroom. We are very proud of our Grade 3s for working so hard and keeping focus throughout this long, and at times challenging, task. You are all making us so proud; ready for your new iPad adventures in Grade 4.


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