As educators it is not only our responsibility to teach the required curriculum content, but to challenge new methods and explore a range of strategies that allow children who are more mathematically competent and gifted to develop an understanding of how the mathematics they have learned is going to help them in a particular context.

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To this end, one student from each Grade 7 and 6 class who shows a particular aptitude for maths was given the opportunity to attend Maths Talent Development hosted by the Silvermine Academy Mathematics and Science Educator, Mrs Davids.

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During this time students were given the opportunity to exploring and play with numbers in order to become problem-solvers for real life problems rather than simply followers of rules.

Here is what some of the students had to say about the experience. 

“It was such a fun and enjoyable experience. It challenged me, and explored our full potential.” Kevin Engelbrecht 

“I enjoyed the way these questions were asked. They challenged me mentally and improved my maths without me even knowing. The teacher’s kept it lighthearted and fun, full of jokes and laughs. It was fun and I hope more kids can be exposed to this kind of stress-free maths education” Christian Kapp.

Both teachers’ and students are looking forward to a repeat Maths Talent Development session in the near future.

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