What a wonderful term it has been! As we wrap up Term Three, we look back on all the great things that took place. We had our field trip to Kirstenbosch Gardens, we learned many new concepts in Mathematics like halving, symmetry, measurement and much more.

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One of the most exciting parts of the term has been preparing and practicing for our play, Tales of Time. The children have been working so hard and rehearsing non-stop to put on the show of a lifetime.

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Term Four holds lots of fun too! We have our Grit Awards to prepare for, we explore MORE new concepts in Mathematics like time and money and we also go on our very last field trip as Grade Ones. We also learn about the Dr Seuss story, the Grinch. The children get to analyze his character and how he changes throughout the story.  What an exciting year it has been so far and we look forward to another incredible term with our children!

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