As term 3 draws to a close, so does our exploration of our wonderful world. And what better way to cap off this enthralling theme than by launching into outer space? 3…2…1… BLAST OFF!



































Our Sunbirdies truly have their heads in the stars as we explore everything related to our solar system. Planets, moons, the sun, astronauts, space travel and far away galaxies are just some of the topics keeping these little minds engaged.
















Our Dr. Seuss setwork book has been a great hit, with the beloved Cat in the Hat guiding us through a whirlwhind tour of the 8 planets. As usual, learning takes place through a variety of mediums and incorporates all the senses. Our budding astronauts have already enjoyed rocketship roleplay, baking marie biscuit moons, learning the planet song and conducting gravity experiments… and it is only the beginning.

















Art Time is a particular highlight of this theme as a visit to outer space calls for all things that glitter, glow and sparkle. Our children have been working hard to create masterpieces that are truly ‘out of this world’!

There certainly is no place quite like space!






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