The 1st Team Cricket lads set off to Knysna for the annual Cricket Festival hosted by Backward Point – The Cretchley Series. And what an event it was in 2018!


The vibe in the busses was electrifying and the boys couldn’t wait to get to their beloved Point Lodge and to settle into their accommodation with their respective roomies. Many of these boys have attended various tours during their time at Sun Valley, yet the excitement remains the same.

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With fixtures against Bastion Primary, Paarl Boys and Graeme College, we were in for one of the toughest schedules of fixtures we have encountered at this annual event. Nevertheless the boys were up for the challenge. They performed extremely well and displayed true grit and passion to pull off impressive victories. The whole team worked well in their unbeaten run, however some individual brilliance must be mentioned.

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Daniel Middleton scored an impressive 105* off 86 balls against Bastion in an innings where he struck a phenomenal 15 boundaries. Giyan Sulcas, who batted beautifully throughout each of his three unique innings’, managed a beautifully worked, yet explosive 66* runs off 50 balls. Bennie Hansen, partnered up with his skipper, to tallied up a commanding 57* runs off 40 balls as the pair struck 25 boundaries for their 113 run partnership at the top of the order.Bennie also mustered up another half century against Graeme College, where he powered 68 runs off 35 balls. Steven Stander was the pick of the bowlers on tour taking a remarkable 11 wickets, which included a spell of 6.5 overs – 3 maidens – 12 runs – 5 wickets.

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With some heavy rain and wind on the first morning which delayed the start of proceedings, the boys took to a competitive game of tenpin bowling where Mr Jooste took the gold medal whilst Luca “Lukaku” Conarroe took the silver and Mr Vallender narrowingly edging out Giyan Sulcas for the Bronze Medal.


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The Adventure Land water park never seems to let us down on a Tour as some well deserved slipping and sliding had the boys and coaches in stitches. It was just what the doctor ordered for the team after their tight game, in intense heat against Paarl Boys.

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The boys were amazing sportsmen on and off the field and they showed flawless manners, maturity and respect whilst representing the school badge with pride.

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Thank you for an outstanding and memorable tour to the boys, coaches and incredibly supportive parents. It was certainly one for the books!


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