The Grade 4s have, over the course of the year, been learning about the ocean and how we should protect it. This term they dived right into the daily life of a marine biologist with the help of their ignition field trip to the UCT Marine Biology Centre.

The Grade 4s were captivated by the weird and wonderful sea life at their finger tips. This hands on field trip included a visit to the UCT aquarium where we got to hold different sea creatures, like feathered starfish and sea urchins.

During the digital session, the Grade 4s made use of the SASSI app on their iPads to identify which sea creatures are considered “green”, “orange”, or “red” and what the importance of these colours are.

There were so many exciting opportunities that by the end of the day we had eager future Marine Biologists, SCUBA divers and scientists who were sad to be leaving UCT.

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