An Ignition Field Trip that had the Grade 6s waiting with excitement! After a slow start to the morning with traffic being backed-up due to an accident on route, this trip was definitely worth the wait.

On arrival, the children were lost in the little town of Stellenbosch. The question of the moment amongst one another were, “Are we there yet?”. Eventually they realised that they were at one of the top Tertiary institutions in the Western Cape.

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With curiosity oozing from each Grade 6 student, they were taken inside to what looked like a very simple planned structure. Once seated, they were then introduced to professor Gideon. He came across to the Grade 6s as someone from a new planet. He was loud, proud and energetic in his welcome to the Grade 6s. Lets not forget his great sense of humour.


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His introduction was about why Mathematics is important. It is not only about numbers, but the logic behind it and how we can make Mathematics FUN! Integrating the theory with practical examples which the learners could relate to kept them in enthralled. 

In this session we had a few first year students, from the university, telling us about some of the things they study. The likes of Physical Science, Agricultural Science and Paleontology.

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After the fantastic introduction to the university, the learners were taken to yet another venue which seemed to be an even larger classroom. They were struck by the layout of this large classroom. Flights of seats which could rotate from side to side. How great would this be in a Sun Valley environment?! MOVEMENT, MOVEMENT, MOVEMENT!



The Grade 6s were blown away for a second time, when they witnessed a jaw-dropping show involving experiments of all sorts which was done with the HARRY POTTER theme. Please, do not try them at home!


Not only were they blown away twice, but thrice. Who would of thought that a learning institution would have a Mall of its own? After the jam-packed day, the students were lead to the NEELSIE where they got to enjoy their packed lunches before hitting the road to the buses.


This will definitely be a trip to remember. The Grade 6s would agree, one for the books!

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