In a microwave society of instant gratification and rapid results, young learners need to be guided to discover that some things take time. Part of this process is teaching them that good financial heath takes time and that money is not grown in ATM’s.

As teachers we see the importance of teaching children to budget, how to save for those things they would like to have or do and how to think and act like an entrepreneur and make their money work. Financial Intelligence is not easy to grow though, but with the growth thereof we also reap the rewards of increase discipline and planning as well.


In Grade 7 at Sun Valley Primary, students have the opportunity to traverse this journey digitally – bringing together these two worlds, the world of slow and steady progress and the world of instant results. This skills is taught while they plan and create their own markets for Market Day.


Some of the examples hereof digital learning was the creation Dream-Boards on Pic Monkey to allow them to plan and set goals. In Pages learners were given the opportunity to set up their own surveys on Survey-monkey and then go through the slow and painstaking process of gathering data and sifting through it to find a viable product or service. They also designed their own adverts on Pages and various other design apps. To top all of this Budgeting Skills were honed using the Numbers Application where they were taught how to create formulas.

Here is an example of one of our Market Day Groups’ Poster:



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