On Friday , the Grade Rs had a rather exciting yet unusual start to their day. Things began a little differently as we started our morning routine with the ‘end of our day’, thus proceeding our annual tradition known as ‘Backwards Day’. Everything we would normally do as a grade would now be from ‘finish to start’ instead of ‘start to finish’.



The eager Grade Rs arrived in their usual attire, only they were wearing them back to front/inside out; and this was only the beginning of our day-long ‘Backwards’ shenanigans. We read our set book from back to front; we spent our Circle Time back to front; we ate our lunch back to front, and we even started with our Bakerman routine rather than with our fruit snack, which made the kids particularly happy and hyper.



The Grade Rs had no time for their usual daydreaming and gallivanting on ‘Backwards Day’, as their restless little minds were constantly trying to figure out what was to come next and how they were going to perfect the idea of doing everything back to front. It was certainly an interesting technique for the Grade Rs to learn things differently.



They had to ask for anything and everything ‘back to front’, such as when they asked for permission or needed something desperately – they would change their whole sentence to the opposite of what they actually wanted. For example: “Teacher, may I NOT have my water bottle because I am NOT thirsty”. The Grade Rs found this exercise particularly humorous, as you can imagine.




All in all, it was a fun and innovative day, enjoyed by not only the Sunbirdies but also the Grade R Teachers and assistants, who found it especially enjoyable seeing their students having such a wonderful time. ‘Backwards Day’ brought lots of laughter and joy to everyone at Sunbird Pre Primary!


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