It has been a fun start to Term Four in Grade One. We have been learning many new things, especially in Mathematics. This term we are focusing on learning how to tell the time and learning about money; two things that are relevant to the lives of our precious growing Grade One brains.

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The children have had lots of fun whilst learning about time. They learned what the two different hands mean and got to create their own clock that they can play with. They’ve also been doing matching of clocks to the correct time, something which they all enjoyed. It is always wonderful as teachers to watch them explore a new concept, especially one that plays such a big part of our everyday lives!

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A reminder that collections/donations for TEARS community service are due on Friday, 2 November. We are grateful for every single donation received. Let’s see which class can collect the most!

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We are all looking forward to a fun and busy Term Four!

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