This past week the Grade 3 students tackled the art of telling compelling stories by making their own dinosaur comics, which tied in perfectly with their termly theme of Dinosaurs and Tesla’s. The children jumped at the opportunity to exercise their creative muscles and couldn’t wait to get started.

DSCF0080 DSCF0096

In class, the teachers showed videos on how to create comic strips and with that they were off. Knowing that they could  include sound words, (Onomatopoeia) made it just that much more fun. The teachers were looking to see great team work as these A3 comic strips would be completed in their co-op groups.

DSCF0083 DSCF0112 DSCF0101

Once the groups had created their comics they had the opportunity to explain the comic and then read it aloud with expression. This responsibility was shared by every person in the group. The grade 3 teachers loved seeing the children’s work come alive and to see them taking pride in their work.

DSCF0109 DSCF0087

This writers day experience was enjoyed by all. The children and teachers are eagerly anticipating the next one.

DSCF0089 PHOTO-2018-10-23-16-28-53


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