IMG_0493Science Week! In Grade 6 we decided to experiment with eggs and vinegar to prove a hypothesis that eggs could bounce if it is pickled in vinegar for a period of four days. Below are comments from our children in the various classes with regard to their experiences during the experiments.




Comment from Grade 6 Brenner:

Egg 15Finding out about the bouncy egg experiment was thrilling as ‘I love to work with my hands’. When looking at things we had to bring namely vinegar and eggs, I was naturally baffled at how vinegar was supposed to stop eggs from breaking when falling. Now that we have started the experiment I’m just as confused, but curious to learn the science behind how it works. I’m very eager to learn what will happen during the experiment and to have the opportunity to do ‘hands on’ work in the future.

Reported by Rose Venter

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Comment from Grade 6 Skippers: We have been learning about food preservation, this project goes hand in hand with that topic, bringing out the fun side. After asking the groups how they felt about the egg project most of them said that it was fun, but very simple. However, we have only completed part one of the project, part two (where we test our hypothesis of the bouncy egg) will probably be a bit more complex. 

Reported by Ben Anderson

Egg 3 egg 6 egg 5 Egg 4














Comment from Grade 6 Wennekes: The excitement of bouncing an egg, was buzzing around the class. We walked to the lapa to bounce our little eggs. We dropped the eggs and ‘SPLAT!’ the raw eggs cracked. We tried, tried and tried to crack the boiled eggs, but no it was too stubborn and wouldn’t crack. It was an ‘egg-stremely’ fun ‘egg-perience’ and hope to do many similar ‘egg-speriments’ soon.

Reported by Piper Jenkins


Eggs 14 eggs 13
Eggs 11









Comment from Grade 6 Winter:  The egg experiment was lots of fun. We got to watch the eggs transform, even though it was quite smelly! My whole group, as well as our entire class, was excited to see our eggs bounce. Learning can be fun.

Reported by Erin Fourie

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