The Grade 10 students are exploring the politics of sport in Life Orientation, an incredibly topical area of interest currently. Names like Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid are suddenly part of political rhetoric in the United States, where these famous NFL players are using their fame to express their collective stance against police brutality and daily casual racism.

In the South African context, we examined the controversies surrounding Castor Semenya and her ill-treatment by the IAAF, and the world media. Daina and Alicia delivered a particularly moving tribute to Castor, based on the inspiring Nike advert which showcases her journey and the hard work she has put into developing her natural talents as a world class athlete.

Many of the Grade 10’s themselves are accomplished sportspeople. Hopefully, when they achieve their own level of fame, they will be inspired by these individuals to use their fame to raise the consciousness of humanity.

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