Last week the Grade 1s learned about the final E-Colour, red. The red E-Colour symbolizes the do-er. Someone with a strong red E-Colour is someone who takes action and likes to get things done. They usually also make good leaders as they ensure the task is completed and like to achieve their goals. 

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The do-er is someone who is decisive, efficient and practical. To embed what they had learned about the red E-Colour, the Grade 1s made their very own set of red hands. We use our hands to do most things, so this was a good reminder of what had been taught! The results of this activity were very cute! Lots of red hands of various shapes and sizes filled the classrooms.

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This activity concluded our E-Colour lessons for Grade 1. It has been exciting and interesting chatting to our classes and helping them discover the various parts of their personalities and for them to think about what types of E-Colour they may be!

IMG_5151 IMG_5150

A reminder that it is our Grade One Grit Awards this Friday at 9am. It will be a wonderful time of celebration for all our incredible Grade 1. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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