This week was all about collecting and collating data.

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What better way to make Maths relevant than to talk about yummy food flavours! As a grade, we spent some time researching each others favourite ice-cream flavours. The only information provided by the teachers were the ice-cream flavours. Other than that, each child had to walk around collecting the data on their own, from their peers.

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Students were able to choose between seven different flavours. This not only taught them how to choose something carefully, but to also not be swayed by peer pressure, especially if their best friend had chosen a different flavour. 

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Our students learnt to take their collected data, tally it up and transform numbers into pictures in the form of a Bar Graph. This was previously done with actual items in the class, to make it more concrete.

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This week we took it one step further and had them lay out and create their own bar graph in their books.Once the data was collected, it was checked as a class. This brought us to our next step: Creating our very own Bar Graph from scratch.

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It was such a fun experience for the students to see how their own collected information could easily be transformed into picture form.

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