For the first time ever, the Sun Valley U13 Waterpolo Girls set off to Grahamstown to participate in the Annual Kingswood College U13 Waterpolo Festival.


This Tour would also be the first time that our Waterpolo Team would go on a “National Tour”. From the start of the tour, as the girls checked in for flights, to the moment that they were collected by their parents, these girls embodied the true essence of what it means to be a student at Sun Valley. Poise, respect, GRIT, determination, focus…and above all, enjoyment of life.



Our girls thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of flying to Port Elizabeth International Airport. A couple of the Coaches and Students were on their very first flight (no names mentioned here) and there was an awesome vibe on the plane. We arrived at our beautiful accommodation ion Grahamstown which the team would enjoy for the duration of their stay. Such lovely, comfortable rooms would be perfect for the fun, games, SVPS’ Got Talent Show and more!

IMG_1876 IMG_1941

Games were played at the beautiful Kingswood College. Our girls’ eyes were wide as we entered the prestigious school which boasted huge open lawns and quite phenomenal facilities.


Despite being in awe, the girls dived into the pool and did not look back. Playing against top notch opposition from Cape Town and Eastern Cape was always going to be a challenge, but our young ladies took it head on. They played against schools such as DSG, Kingswood, Glenwood, Club Teams and many more.


IMG_7385 IMG_7395 IMG_7397 IMG_7406 IMG_7423 IMG_7452 IMG_7480 IMG_7497

The games were full of excitement and spectacular moments. Throughout the intense matches, our girls showed enjoyment and a love for the game – the main purpose of this experience.

A few highlights of the matches

Highlight 1

Paige Edwards being called up to take a 5m Penalty only for her partner to hold onto her and not let her move. She didn’t hear the whistle and Paige, in her typical polite manner, just stayed still. Hilarious!Eventually, she did score the goal!




Highlight 2

Phenomenal, slick passing and positioning in the pool which allowed Morgan Christian to tread high and power the ball into the goal. It was beautiful to watch, except for the fact that Morgan missed the goal, and went straight into a rather “tender spot” of the opposition coach…OUCH!


Highlight 3

In a certain game, our girls were well ahead at half time. Coach K and Miss Keevy made the call to switch up a few positions. Miss Keevy decided to bring Liana Dhanesar out of the goals to play Wing for the very first time. The look on her face was priceless and the sheer enjoyment was a moment to remember. She flew up the wing, launched out the water and powered a ferocious shot which missed the top corner by mere centimetres. What a pity!


All in all, a quite amazing two days of Waterpolo which saw our girls finish UNBEATEN on what was a Tour to remember.

IMG_8050 IMG_8030 IMG_8020 IMG_7998 IMG_7882 IMG_7850 IMG_7812 IMG_7791


During our “off time”, we set off to the beautiful Port Alfred where we enjoyed a picturess cruise along the river. What a stunning time to chat and relax. Of course, the girls changed this into a time for signing, dancing and more. In the evenings, the girls enjoyed delicious dinners while connecting with friends from other schools.


IMG_7295 IMG_7319 IMG_7320 IMG_7321 IMG_7324 IMG_7360 IMG_7926 IMG_8868 IMG_8942 IMG_8948

What an amazing opportunity for our girls to meet new friends, play in a whole new environment and be true ambassadors for SVPS.


Thank you for the memories girls! The girls Waterpolo Tour video will be on display in our special assembly at 12.00 – 12.45 on Friday, 23 November!

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