Throughout the year our grade 4s have been learning about our Valley. We have investigated the way others lived back in the day, we’ve studied the Peers family (famous for the discovery of Peers Cave) and we’ve looked at the wildlife and sand dunes in our Valley.

Tying into Peers Cave, sand dunes and the wildlife, we decided it would be a great idea to call “Steve Venom” to teach the Grade 4’s about the impact snakes have on our environment and what to do when we come into contact with them.

The grade 4s got see a fair few snakes, touch a few snakes as well as hole a Boa Constrictor! The learners loved asking questions, some questions even intrigued the teachers…

Near the end of the show, even some teachers overcame their fear of snakes… Mr Moyo went from not going near the snakes to holding the biggest one there!

Take a look at the photo’s to see our learners and teachers smile, laugh, scream and jump!




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