Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich Dad Smart Kid” said, “All of us need to pay attention when our bankers ask for our financial statements instead of our report cards.”


As teachers and parents we need to be preparing our children for a real world – a life after school, where financial intelligence is required in a country like SA, where more entrepreneurship skills are needed to boost the work force and our economy.


Market Day is one of those opportunities where we get to stretch our financial skills. Students had the opportunity to create their own dream board, do their own Market Research and Financial Planning and were even required to make, market, advertise and sell their own products.


Here are what some of the Grade 7 students had to say about the experience.

“I enjoyed making everything with my friends and the market day was fantastic. It was a great way for my friends and I to learn how to be business women in the real world. The customers were satisfied with our products and prices. Overall the experience was amazing and all of the stalls looked PHE-NO-ME-NAL. It was one of my best Sun Valley Primary School experiences.” Candice Booth


“From the thrill and excitement of setting up to the exhausting and exhilarating crowds, it was definitely a day to remember. I really enjoyed giving people what they wanted and seeing the smiles on their faces.” Katherine Jowett


“During Market Day I experienced the Art of Business. We had to persevere to achieve our results. It was an enjoyable learning experience for the whole group.” Kevin Engelbrecht.

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