The excitement is mounting for our little Sunbirdies, who will soon leave the nest to tackle Grade 1. The thought of ‘big school’ brings smiley grins to little faces and tears to their teachers who now have to try fathom the thought of their little learners spreading their wings.



On a more happy note, the fun is not over. The next few weeks have a lot in store for all of Sunbird. Taking our Graduation photo was excitement within itself. Who knew that we could brush up so smartly after water, sand and Jungle Gym play. As our bodies are maximizing play time to ensure they are learning ready, our minds are thinking ahead to the expectations of Grade 1.





Circle Time discussions are one of our favourite times that we shall treasure, not to mention Indoor Play. Dressing up, building with blocks, exploring new finds at the Nature Table, to name a few, will be greatly missed. What better way to pave our way to learning than through play?




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