Two weeks ago, our Grade 1 children got the opportunity to give back to a deserving charity in our Valley through their community outreach. Our chosen charity was TEARS Animal Rescue. Each child was asked to bring in either food, blankets, toys or anything else that TEARS could use.

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TEARS is a cause close to the hearts of many, as quite a few of our children have adopted a pet from TEARS. Those that had other pets understood that not all animals have a good start to life and that TEARS requires a lot of support to look after their animals.

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We were absolutely blown away by the kindness and generosity of our children and their families. Hundreds of cans of tinned food, many blankets as well as baskets, toys and leashes were donated by the Grade 1s. Our CARE Counsellors from Term 1/2 and Term 3/4 accompanied the teachers to deliver the items to TEARS. TEARS were thrilled with the donations and we even got to meet one of their precious dogs, Sage. It is always wonderful to see how wise and compassionate our children are at such a young age!

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Thank you again for the incredible amount of donations received and were able to be given to TEARS on behalf of the Grade 1 children!

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