The Grade 3s had a fascinating time researching famous inventors. Their projects consisted of research, design, art as well as working collaboration in their Co-operative Groups.


Each group could pick an inventor from a hat. They had eight classic or modern inventors to choose from. Once they had chosen their inventor, they discussed all the interesting information in their groups.


It was time for the brainstorming to begin. What better way to research two pages of information than to learn the skill of mind mapping. It taught them to find the information they needed, search key words to write down or draw under the correct branch (heading). They colour coded their information, and drew amazing pictures. One can only imagine… the creativity was endless! 


As soon as they had finished with their mind maps, they could begin writing their information neatly onto lined paper. This helped them write the information in their own words. They also learned about what their inventor’s E-colours could be and were able to add the E-colour man to their poster too.


By using textured objects to dip into an array of colours, they were able to decorate their posters’ backgrounds. Finally, they could bring it altogether by sticking down the information and pictures on these beautiful canvases.


A wonderful sense of pride was shared between the groups and classes. Each one was a masterpiece!


Last but not least, the Grade 3s spent time sharing their knowledge of their inventor with the class. They also had a fun Q&A session where they had the opportunity to reason and engage with their friends. 


It was definitely a project to remember. 



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