The Grade 5s have been hard at work this term learning about the similarities and differences between two major capitals Cape Town (South Africa) and Cairo (Egypt).


They had a number of assessments this term; from essay writing to creating 3D projects that involved them applying their new found knowledge.

IMG_2270     IMG_2266

Their first task they had to complete was a tourism project comparing the two cities, and then they put themselves in another persons shoes in conquering the adventurous trip by bicycle from Cairo to Cape Town in the form of a creative writing piece.

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The boys and girls then had to conquer a task on a whole new level. Their creative juices had to flow as they took on the task in making their very own shaduf.

The shaduf was a piece of equipment brought to Egypt from the Middle East almost 3600 years ago to assist in providing water for villages close to the Nile River.
The Shaduf helped locals transport large amounts of water from one place to another easily. The boys and girls worked exceptionally hard and produced some amazing projects.


The Grade 5s were required to identify and put into practice the skills needed to complete this task: identifying the correct proportion of the weight to the load of the bucket as well as the depth of the bucket needed to collect the water.

The boys and girls were challenged to apply craftsmanship in order to make their project work, using paint, wood, glue and many other accessories to make their Shaduf unique.

This also proved to be a great challenge for co-operative work. Allowing the opportunity for group members to assist each other with their ideas and crafty little touches.
The challenge was set for them, the excitement was real and fun was had by all involved.






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