’n Lekker Storie

The Grade 6 learners had the opportunity to learn more about writing stories in Afrikaans.


There was great excitement in discussing the different genres and giving examples that the whole class agreed on. We started off the lesson by reading an example of a comic strip and then translating it.


Thereafter they had to write their own story in their co-op groups; agreeing on the plot and characters caused lots of debate and teamwork as well as laughter.


They had to plan an adventure story with 2 boys, 2 girls, the owner of the amusement park, his wife and two people working for him. Their creative juices flowed and they came up with some real amazing “plots” to their stories.


In Grade 6 Winter, they really came up with some interesting twists on their stories and the iPads worked smoothly to help with all the translations. Some of them even involved things like bank robberies to fund the amusement park and was a topic of great discussion in class.


It was a lesson that had every single learner smiling and their different co-op roles played a big part to make the lesson work. Who said Afrikaans is boring?


They were very creative and came up with some amazing stories. Afrikaans is Lekker!

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