IT has been an absolute blast this year as we helped our little, and not so little, technological boffins on their journey to one day becoming ‘Tech Savvy” members of a technologically driven society.

We have kept IT as FUN as possible as we traverse through the FUN-damentals such as learning the parts and basic operations of a computer in Grade 1. In Grade 2 we made use of our skills and knowledge of the computer to focus on our Typing skills with the ‘Minute to win it’ challenge being an absolute highlight amongst the classes. FUN-ctionality and creativity was a big drive in Grade 3 this year. Learners were required to use their skills to make use of Publisher, Word and the internet, to name a few, to CREATE phenomenal documents before graduating to the Intermediate Phase of iPads.

The Grade 4’s turned their attention to the iPad and its endless possibilities, acclimatising themselves with the device and, in term 3, entered the world of commands with the help of Tynkr. The grade 5’s took it a step further and built on their knowledge of Tynkr as well as making use of Keynote to deliver powerful and creative presentations. Even using these skills to create an interactive display for a Zoo!

The grade 6 and 7’s were hard at work with the Swift Playgrounds App as well as their Robotics curriculum. They learnt about Robotics Laws, Conditional Code and how to make use of a loop within a command sequence. The highlight of the term for Gr6 was creating their “Geometric Collage” in Robotics, combining robotics and creativity to create abstract art. The grade 7’s showcased their finesse and skill as they used their iPads Numbers App,  to assist them in their baby project and Market Day, respectively, creating budgets and charts for their financial plans.

It has been a great year of learning and we look forward to yet another year of IT, in 2019!

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