What absolute fun the Grade 3 Thinkers have had so far this term!


Learning the ropes and settling into a new grade cannot always be easy for some, however our gorgeous group of Grade 3s have settled in very well to the Grade 3 ways. With so many exciting things to start our term off, where does one even begin?


WhatsApp Image 2019-01-23 at 13.19.12

Our Grade 3s have already had a taste of their new and FAVOURITE writing style, cursive, and are enjoying the challenge it brings.

DSCF0015 copy

In Afrikaans we have already started on our preparations for our first “Afrikaans Mondeling”. They are very eager to continue practicing, so they may perform for the class.

DSCF0022 copy  DSCF0024 copy

We are stretching many mathematical brains on a daily basis, learning new strategies to problem solve and figure out that there is not only one way to get to an answer.

DSCF0007 copy


DSCF0001 copy

Writing stories, chatting about our weekends and reading have been a favourite part of our day during school.

DSCF0010 copy



Not only do we focus on our academia, but we also make time to play! It forms an important part of facilitating the creative minds of our thinkers.



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Well done to our precious people for making our first couple of weeks so special!

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