This term the Grade 9s were introduced to the most minute detail about themselves that they hadn’t known before….the cell! Our Natural Sciences curriculum takes us on the journey from the smallest unit of life all the way through tissues created by these cells, to organs and how they work together to create the systems that keep the complex organisms (aka our dear teenagers) alive.

But start at the very beginning says Mary Poppins, so we did. We tried to recreate a jelly model of the cell with all the organelles necessary. Things were looking promising. Our mitochondria were sitting beautifully suspended in our gelantine. But then the brain of the cell came along and ruined things a bit. Our nucleus did not want any part of this and kept oozing to the top of our mixture amidst squeaks and squeals from the teens. But we forged ahead and let our jelly babies set in the fridge for a night.

Sadly when we decanted these creations there was a decidedly shmangled look about them…

Nonetheless the teenagers had fun, and even learned “scientific stuff” in the process!


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