The question on our minds this term is “where does my family come from originally?” We have discovered that our ancestors have come from all over the world; from Britain, Madagascar, Holland and all the way to France and many more in between. It’s been such an adventure working through our countries’ timeline and history.


Thematics is all about making connections with our history and applying it to current circumstances, which has been very easy this term for our young explorers. Being able to connect classmates to their very own surnames that originated all the way from the Dutch or French Huguenots, gives us a sense that the history that we are learning about today is not all that distant after all. This gives us an amazing understanding that we all come from one place or another and wherever it is we are all unique and special.


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The Grade 5s have realised that they have seen the influences of the Dutch right here in Cape Town. Dutch architecture has had an enormous influence on the Cape’s architecture; many Cape Dutch Houses have been seen by many, especially on wine farms in areas such as Stellenbosch and Franschhoek!


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As co – operative groups, they got together to tackle building stylish Cape Dutch houses in class. This took a lot of teamwork and knowledge about building a stable structure as well as making sure the style of their houses were correct. The groups were ecstatic to be given the chance to step out of their daily routine and spend time with a hands-on, crafty project.


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What a blast we had as a grade!






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