In any school, leadership is critical, as is the inclusion of students as part of that leadership. The position of “Inter-house  Cheerleaders” is a position of responsibility and one which provides an important connection between pupils, peers and friends. As for bringing the “Gees”, aka the vibe, at the swimming Gala – well, that’s just part of parcel of the perks of the program.


Sun Valley recently held its annual Inter-house Athletics day, followed by the highly anticipated Inter-house Swimming Gala, a week later. At both of these prestigious events, the athletes excelled not only in their own individual sporting disciplines, but also rose to the occasion and lead their teams with passion, perseverance and grit. 

At the beginning of the year our Grade 7 learners had a guided tour by Mr. Keller during their Journey evening and had a very brief explanation of the “LAMB” approach, and how it applies to our Grade 7 Prefects in training. Mr. Keller explained that it is imperative for future leaders to Listen, Acknowledge , Model and Bless. This is one of the cornerstones of our leadership programme and we endeavour for them to carry this principle along on their sojourn through their life in order to shape them into successful adults who add value to their families, community and greater society in the future.


It was truly amazing to see our young Grade 7 leaders, not only Listen too their peers’ song suggestions, but also to Acknowledge their friend’s input. They Modelled exemplary behavior as they themselves joined in to get their teams cheering and participating, and when it was all over, they Blessed the winning team, be it either the overall point winners or the spirit cup winners, for leading their team to victory. 

Our Sun Valley House Captains demonstrated confidence, the ability to communicate and interact with everyone, respect , concern for others, and a desire for excellence with a well-rounded touch of humility and servanthood.

What exceptional leaders in the making!


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