In the first few weeks of the term the Grade 9s have been learning about some Afrikaans contemporary artists like Karen Zoid, Francois van Coke and Arno Carstens.  They have enjoyed discovering how many SAMA awards our own Arno Carstens have won and that he lives in the Valley.  Some learners bumped into him and relayed their experiences with great enthusiasm.

The comprehension on the Karen Zoid and a terminally ill Johnny Clegg performance on “Die Republiek van Zoid Afrika” was a huge hit with the kids and I was surprised to hear that all the learners know the iconic song “Brave heart”.


The Afrikaans rocker, Francois van Coke, was a welcome topic for a listening comprehension, and an article on the release of Arno Carstens’ first Afrikaans CD made for enthusiastic prepared reading.


Reluctant listening to Afrikaans music have turned into tapping feet and even singing along to songs like, “Tjoepstil”, “Spook” and “Bottel sonder prop”.

This theme has been met with huge enthusiasm and I have seen changed perceptions and prejudices, proving that Afrikaans can be fun and interesting.


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