Last week our Grade Ones learnt all about the concept of E-colours. The E-colour system introduces the children to four different colours – red, yellow, green and blue. Each colour represents a different personality and behaviour trait. It is taught on a very basic level in Grade One but goes into more depth as the children progress through the Grades.



The first E-colour they learnt about was the green E-colour which represents the Thinker. Someone who is part green enjoys making lists, ordering and analyzing things. They enjoy thinking about a task before and while doing it. To put into action what they had learnt, the children all made a green Thinker crown. They wore these crowns in class to remind them to think before they act. They thoroughly enjoyed this activity and proudly showed off their creations.


This was a fun lesson to introduce the first E-colour and we look forward to teaching them the remaining three colours. 

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