What a start to the year it has been! On day one, the little Sunbirds came to school with nervous smiles on their faces, not entirely sure what to expect.  In just two weeks, those same Sunbirds are haring through the gate each morning, carrying out daily routines without reminders from their teachers, smiling from ear to ear, ready to start the school day with their new friends.


Much time has been spent in the garden, where the Sunbirds have explored all the corners and crevices. A great deal of climbing, sliding, swinging and jumping takes place each day. These little Sunbirds have been using their bodies in all sorts of ways and shrieks of both delight and pride can be heard throughout the garden.


Inside the classrooms we have been singing, dancing, building, reading and making up all kinds of stories in the dress up corner. It is not unusual to see a young sailor or fairy princess skipping across the classroom.  The Grade R teachers and staff are thoroughly enjoying getting to know the little personalities that arrive at school each day.  These smiling Sunbirds have certainly got the right attitude for Grade R: play, explore and discover!



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