You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you will have. Creating is one of our themes for 2019, and this week the Grade two’s have done just that. Last year they discovered the joy of reading and story telling.


PHOTO-2019-02-04-16-22-25 2



This year they are combining those skills learnt with their new Grade Two knowledge. They were tasked with thinking of an idea for a story, innovating and designing it, and making it creative.


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The children had a group input session on the mat, where as a class, we came up with our own stories together. They were then taught to differentiate between the beginning of a story, the middle and the end.


As a class the children came up with a story about a penguin. This inspired them to think out of the box and use their imaginations.


Once at their tables, using their new creative writing skills, they set off with creating their own stories. Using a penguin template and the challenge of being innovative with their thoughts they jumped into their stories and produced outstanding masterpieces.

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