Last weekend, the Sun Valley U13A Boys and Girls Waterpolo Teams set off to Knysna to take part in the annual Oakhill Chukka Festival.


Many Old Boys and Old Girls say that to this day, the Chukka Tour to Knysna remains their FAVOURITE. This tour was like no other – full of fun, laughter, team bonding and of course, incredible Waterpolo!

We were blessed with beautiful weather throughout the Tour.  The drive up was filled with energy. The boys and girls could be heard laughing, singing and dancing in their seats.

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The accommodation was absolutely divine with a stunning splash pool, as well as plenty of space to play, chill and relax in the evenings. The boys and girls got on so well, and acted so maturely throughout the Tour. The best part of all was that it was only 750m from the Waterfront.


Pre-Match CARE Circle

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The opening ceremony was an opportunity for our boys and girls to meet and connect with the other teams from around South Africa. Many of our students developed wonderful new friendships. The meals on Tour were delicious. From buffet dinners, to yummy lunch packs and delicious desserts, these kids were well fed!

The standard of play by the Sun Valley students was very impressive. The coaches were blown away by the improvement shown by this age group over the past two months. The positive attitudes and willingness to learn stood out and was a key to their success.

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Despite comfortably winning their opening games, the girls and their coach, felt that they were making some poor decisions in the water. After a good discussion and re-focusing, the girls clicked into gear and delivered superb performances over the next two days. Their speed through the water ability to “fetch” and clinic passing was key to their success. In the end, the girls finished with a brilliant 6 wins out of 7 games.

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The boys were in superb form throughout the Tour. They played together very well. The passing was accurate, the fitness continued to develop and the finishing was exceptional. The stand out feature, however, was the TEAM. No player was seen as superior to another, these boys all work hard for one another and stand together. The lads returned with a great set of results – 6 wins out of 7 games (only narrowly going down to a strong Grey PE Team).

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Between the busyness of the festival, the kids had the opportunity to visit the Knysna Heads, go swimming on Leisure Isle and enjoy the wonders and excitement around the Knysna Waterfront.

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A highlight was, without doubt, the Valentine’s Ball which took place on the Friday night.┬áThe kids danced the night away while the coaches waited outside and kept an eye on them – hilarious! They had a great time with all the Waterpolo Teams.

At the closing function, Sun Valley BOYS AND GIRLS were highlighted and awarded the SPORTSMANSHIP CUP for 2019. What an amazing achievement!

Bella Tooley and Jandro Rojo Roos were named Most Valuable Players!

Thank you to the awesome players, coaches and our incredibly supportive parents for an amazing Tour!


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