What makes me special? That is what our Grade Ones have been discussing the past few weeks. This term our Life Skills focus is “All About Me” and last week our children got to show their teachers and their classmates what makes them unique.

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The Grade Ones made their very own booklet that told us all about them. We learned what their favourite colour was, what their families look like and what their favourite sport is. The teacher’s favourite part was seeing all the photos of the Grade Ones as babies, which they brought along for the project to show us how much they have grown. Some look exactly the same and some look so grown up already!

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The project was a chance for the children to flex their creative muscles. The projects turned out beautifully and the teachers could see a lot of effort was put into them. We were very impressed with what our young ladies and gentlemen produced! It has been so special learning all about the children in our classes and what makes the unique and different.

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Keep your eyes on the next blog to hear all about our exciting field trip to Fish Hoek beach!

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