This week the Grade 2s have thought, hypothesised, experimented, and concluded that there is more to Maths and Science than sums and beakers. With giant bubbles and balloon shapes, the Bubbly Maths company came to shed new light on a few dull Mathematical concepts.

PHOTO-2019-02-19-13-00-52 PHOTO-2019-02-19-13-01-02

Amazement and awe filled the hall as normal concepts like measuring, shapes and soap suds came to life. Measuring the length of the hall using meter long balloons showed innovation and creativity.

PHOTO-2019-02-19-12-42-20 PHOTO-2019-02-19-12-08-55

All were inspired to go back to class and use non-conventional methods to solve very ordinary problems. It’s safe to say that the giant bubbles were the highlight of the show. And of course, estimating to see how many learners could fit inside of these enormous creations!

PHOTO-2019-02-19-12-08-50 PHOTO-2019-02-19-12-08-51 2 PHOTO-2019-02-19-12-08-52 PHOTO-2019-02-19-12-08-52 2


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