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As part of our Thematics Studies, the Grade 4s are learning about Fish Hoek in the Days of Yore. On a bright and sunny Friday morning, it looked as though we had gone back in time as the Grade 4s arrived dressed in the most amazing outfits that highlighted the Days of Yore time period. There were suspenders and bonnets, flannel shirts and frilly dresses and beautiful picnic baskets.
Our journey started with a walk through the historic A.P. Jones before making our way along the main road towards Fish Hoek Beach. There we enjoyed delicious frikkadels and home made lemonade before getting into the spirit of things and tackling a sand castle building competition. After this the classes competed head to head in sack relay
races! We had to end off with a beautiful fashion show to celebrate each child.


This spectacular day left everyone with wide smiles and a sparkle in their eyes. It was certainly worth it to travel back in time.

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